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Founded in 1948 by watchmaker Hans Schmidbauer, Elma Ultrasonic Technology is a successful family-run business with a global reputation. Based in Singen, Germany, the business designs and produces a number of ultrasonic cleaning systems, which are frequently used for the often demanding cleansing tasks needed in manufacturing processes, for example, in the watchmaking and jewellery industries. Due to their cleaning product innovations, the production of precision optics is now possible to the degree where they are able to meet the standards needed of medical products. Their optical cleaning devices are also used in industrial manufacturing equipment and metal processing systems. Along with accessories such as cleaning fluid, Elma Ultrasonic Technology is primarily engaged in the production of its ultrasonic cleaning devices. Rated by their tray capacity as well as their power consumption, these devices are regarded by many to be world-class. The research and development side of the business is focussed on combining other cleaning technologies, such as steam cleaning, with different cleaning techniques to produce cleaning products that are truly original. As well as polishing machines, Elma Ultrasonic Technology also makes watch winders, watch testing equipment and cleaning agents.


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