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Elfa are a Swedish company launched in 1945 by Arne Lydmar and Nils "Nisse" Jensen. Based near Stockholm, Elfa is a distributor of components, instruments and tools to electronics industry retailers as well as businesses and private consumers. Elfa products are often sourced by electronics hobbyists. Stocks of Elfa PVC-insulated stranded wiring are available in six colours – black, blue, brown, orange, red and yellow. Especially suitable for equipment wiring, stranded wire looms offer greater flexibility than solid-core wire of comparable size. Supplied unshielded and with a tin-plated copper conductor, each colour is available in 10-metre rolls and offers a conductor configuration of 7 x ø 0.20 mm (plus insulation at ø 1.2 mm). With a voltage rating of 50 VAC/DC, these seven-core stranded wires can be used in applications where the operating temperatures ranges from -15 up to +85 degrees Centigrade. Typical deployments would be PCB circuit boards or device wiring which, though unexposed, nevertheless needs to be twisted and bent to allow component connectivity.


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