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About Elektro Automatik : guarantee high technical reliability and a consistent high quality

EA Elektro Automatik from Viersen (Northrhine Westfalia) is one of the leading German manufacturers of laboratory mains units and electronic loads. EA offers an extensive portfolio: laboratory power supplies and industrial mains units, for installation and cap rails as well as 19” racks, and electronic loads. The company has used research and development to bring ground breaking innovations to market: these include mains units with flexible output stages, power feedback from electronic loads as well as TFT touch displays for intuitive operation of the devices. All EA products have an energy utilisation with an efficiency of up to 95%. In addition, EA offers laboratory power supplies which provide functions beyond usual devices: from automobile start curves and battery management systems to the simulation of photovoltaic and fuel cells. Thus, EA equipment is used in research and development, in production of components and modules, and in battery, solar and propulsion technology. They are individually programmable, highly insulated and of modular construction: thanks to a building block concept a number of devices can be combined to provide a total high performance system. Furthermore, the electronic loads from EA are so flexible that they can serve multiple test requirements. The series extends from modular loads through multi loads to extended two quadrant operation. A quality management system to DIN ISO 9001:2015 enables EA to guarantee a high technical reliability and a consistent high quality of their equipment.



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