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The Swiss manufacturer Elbro supplies up-to-date technology from energy-efficient LED lighting and structured cabling systems to electronic timers, relays, batteries and interfaces. They also produce robust, dependable multimeters and specialist remote switching systems. Remote control and monitoring can be either via SMS or calls on analogue telephone lines. The units also feature countdown timers and can control from two to eight different electrical appliances, with switch butlers to simplify their management. Elbro building security products include motion detectors with acquisition angles of between 200 and 360 degrees. Sensitivity is up to ten metres; the motion sensor hardware typically has an IP20 protection rating and offers telephone alarm transmission options. Renewable energy solutions include a selection of solar panels of differing dimensions and electrical output ratings, along with charge controllers. Practical labelling products are available in a broad choice of sizes and colours, suitable for manual or laser printer use and resistant to UV sunlight and water.


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