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Founded in the mid-1920s by two brothers, Ducati Energia produced many vacuum tubes, capacitors and other electrical and electronic components from its outset. Based in Bologna, the company has established a wide international presence and it now operates in many countries across Europe and the Middle East, as well as Asia, Africa and Latin America. It primarily makes components and sub-systems that are designed for use in the automotive, construction and security sectors. In addition, Ducati Energia has a number of transmission and distribution products that are designed to produce a great deal of energy efficiency. Among their popular electrical products is a wide range of motor capacitors which are rated for anything from 1 uF to 40 uF. Their passive components are used in many different devices which are as diverse as sustainable mobility tools, power faction correction systems, measuring instruments, power generators, railway signalling systems and active filters. They are also commonly found in things like ticketing systems, intelligent transport technologies and wind power products. Ducati Energia is a separate brand from Ducati, the famous motorcycle manufacturer with which it shares common roots.


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