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Based in Taiwan, Dino-Lite is a digital microscope brand of AnMo Electronics Corporation. It has been a leading developer of image digitisation since 2000 and now has a presence in international markets over five different continents. Dino-Lite has adopted a combination of developing technologies within its products. These have been used in a number of industrial applications including the fields of biomedicine, scientific education, health care and agriculture. They are also used in automation in order to gain a forensic level of knowledge during modern production processes. Therefore, they are widely used for the purposes of inspection, quality control and research. Rated by their ability to provide resolution in terms of the number of pixels they produce, their digital microscopes are able to work with a huge variety of interface protocols, such as DVI, RCA, USB and VGA. As well as digital products, Dino-Lite produce a number of conventional microscopes. Along with eyepiece cameras, the company also makes miniaturised or handheld microscopic devices. Their computer-enabled products are designed to function with the common operating systems made by Apple and Microsoft.


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