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di-soric was formed in Germany over thirty years ago, and it specializes in industrial automation sensors as well as machine vision, machine lighting and ID systems. di-soric has subsidiary companies in Austria, France and Singapore and automation partners throughout the world. The company's product range of sensors includes light barriers, laser sensors, proximity switches, colour detection and contact sensors. Key features of the company's range of optical sensors include their precise, narrow, but parallel beam that provides constant measurement accuracy over its entire length. These sensors are able to detect elements as small as 0.5 mm with a reproducibility of 0.06 mm, allowing accurate position sensing of small, delicate parts. The company's angled and forked sensors, with openings between 2 mm and 250 mm, use either infrared or red light for reliable operation under a wide variety of industrial conditions. di-soric has a comprehensive range of accessories, adaptors, brackets and fixtures to simplify sensor installation in the correct position. Connection of di-soric sensors to electrical circuits is through a standard M8 3-pin plug using a standard sensor cable.


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