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Founded in Bologna, Italy in 1972, Datalogic now enjoys global market-leading status in the fields of automated data capture and industrial automation. Primarily serving the needs of the retail and manufacturing industries, Datalogic is also a major presence in transport & logistics as well as healthcare. Having been part of the evolution of technologies such as RFID and laser marking, the company have a unique understanding of the evolving role of bar code readers, and the use of handheld devices and portable computers for automatic data collection. Assisted by sensors, plus vision and laser-marking systems, these components bring seamless and ultra-reliable automation to the everyday commercial world. Stock items support a range of barcode standards, including 1D Linear Code, 2D Code and QR Code, and offer a selection of functional reading ranges such as 0-100 cm, 0-30 cm, and also 0-10 m (auto range). Data-transmission is achieved via Bluetooth, cable, or radio frequencies and offers area and linear imaging as well as laser technology and omni-directional capabilities. Tried-and-tested interfaces such as USB, RS232 and PS/2 are used for data capture, achieving a broad variety of scan rates for standard industrial applications.


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