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With headquarters in Zurich, Crealogix Group is a Swiss software and technology company that develops a range of financial technology systems primarily for the banking sector. Founded in 1996, the company now operates from regional centres in Stuttgart, London, Vienna and Singapore. It employs over 400 people globally and is traded on the Swiss stock exchange. Crealogix create digital banking portals, online banking security systems, e-payment software solutions and e-learning modules which are designed to provide education surrounding online finances. Programmed in multiple languages, such web training tools are aimed at both financial professionals and consumers. There is a number of physical products that fall under the Crealogix brand, including document readers and scanning equipment, such as handheld mouse scanners. Such equipment is designed to work with a range of third-party computer equipment and is often rated for use with the common operating systems, such as OSx and Win 10. Listed as a Fintech Top 100 company, the business is engaged with developing products for EBICS, a new payment format.


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