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Contelec is based in Switzerland and forms part of the German Siedle Group. It specialises in the manufacture and development of high precision sensors for both angular and linear measurement. Their range includes two specific types of angle sensor. Contacting sensors rely upon mechanical contacts that produce an output in the form of a divided voltage. There are different models available that can sense angles between 150 and 354 degrees, and typical uses are in winding machines or gate control systems. Contactless sensors are able to sense full 360-degree rotation and find usage in forklift trucks and other specialist machines. Certain versions offer 2-channel redundancy where safety is critical. Contelec also manufacture a range of linear measuring systems plus a wide selection of potentiometers for PCB and panel mounting. Cermet trimmers are also available, with up to 18 turns of adjustment (6480 degrees) and resistance ranging from 100 Ohm to 1MOhm.


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