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Founded in 1893 by partners Raphael Chauvin and René Arnoux, the French-based electrical and measurement company Chauvin Arnoux operates all over the globe. Now a group of brands, Chauvin Arnoux has specialised in instruments designed for the measurement of electrical and physical quantities for over a century. Their product range includes devices that operate in the fields of general electrical measurement, such as testers, multimeters and current clamps. In addition, the company designs and makes leading electrical safety testers as well as Watt meters and network quality analysers. Furthermore, they produce laboratory quality equipment, such as oscilloscopes and instruments that are specifically made for the careful testing of other electronic devices. Many of the products produced by Chauvin Arnoux allow professionals to confirm the reliability and safety of large power distribution systems as well as the equipment that is connected to them. Furthermore, they design power test instruments that measure how efficiently such networks are functioning. As such, their products are often used to lower electrical consumption by assessing areas of wastage accurately. At a component level, Chauvin Arnoux also makes capacitors and resistors.


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