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A Japanese multinational corporation, Canon was founded in the 1930s and soon gained a global reputation for its ophthalmic instruments and photographic equipment, including a number of cameras which set the industry standard in their day. The corporation is now listed on both the New York and Tokyo stock exchanges and specialises in the development and manufacturing of electronic imaging and optical products for both commercial and consumer use. Its current range of products includes cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, printers and some highly advanced medical imaging equipment. Among the commonest consumables it makes are the ink cartridges which are used with its home printing equipment. These are often sold as individual colours although the company makes some multi-coloured units, too. For its extensive range photocopier and laser-jet printers, widely used in offices all over the world, Canon produces its own proprietary toner cartridges and drums. The company has moved into designing a number of consumer electronic products in recent years, such as the development of its first virtual reality headsets. It also manufactures LCD displays, magnetic heads, micro motors and professional digital photographic equipment.


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