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A part of Eaton, which operates in over 175 coountries, the brand name Bussmann deals with the manufacture and design of their fuses and connectors. Bussmann is a highly regarded maker of specialist electronic products, such as PolySurg ESD suppressors, coil-tronic magnetics and a number of super capacitor devices. Designed for critical circuit protection and precise power management, where it is needed for industrial applications, Bussmann is a professional maker of all sorts of electrical safety products. Best known for its semiconductor fuse range as well as multimeter technology, the company tends to serve the commercial sector rather than dealing with consumer electronics. Therefore, most of its specialist products ends up in places like data centres, electric vehicle manufacturing and the food and drinks sector as well as other markets. Among their most sought-after products, Bussmann make fuses which take up to 48 per cent less enclosure space than standard ones. This means that they are often chosen to lessen the overall dimensions of power conversion equipment. Their series of super capacitors are designed to provide extended life making them ideal for storage and logistical use.


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