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Founded in 1948, Bushnell Corporation is an American business that specialises in optical and imaging equipment. Headquartered in Kansas, it controls a number of subsidiary brands, but is best-known in Europe simply as Bushnell. Many of its products are designed for the mass market including waterproof binoculars, telescopes, spotting scopes and microscopes. The company is also a maker of GPS systems and high-quality laser range-finding devices. Tthey also manufacturer rifle scopes and game cameras, all of it at the higher end of the optical equipment sector in the US. As well as its field glasses and other outdoor optical equipment, Bushnell produce a range of performance eye wear for winter sports, such as ski goggles and sunglasses. They also make an number of all-purpose sunglasses under their Serengeti product line. In 2001, Bushnell acquired the Moonlight brand and took over production of its line of night vision products. Its telescope range is largely aimed at the consumer market for amateur astronomers. Much of its field equipment is supplied with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.


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