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Part of the Johnson Electric Group, Burgess is among the world's leading manufacturers of industrial and micro switches. Among their products are a number of sealed switches, for which the company is well-known as a specialist. Ideal for demanding industrial environments, for instance where it might be wet, humid or dusty, these switches are able to be operated reliably whilst providing anything up to IP67 ingress protection. They also make a well-regarded range of snap-action switches. Often chosen for projects which require a high levels of repeat accuracy, these products are designed to offer a switching function that is virtually independent of actuation, speed and force. Therefore, their products are frequently used in places where they will need to stand up to abuse and regular use, such as special purpose vehicles and vending machines. Burgess' push-button switches are also often found in circuit breaking products, due to their reliability. Their industrial switches are generally rated for different amperages and are sometimes give a maximum voltage rating, too. In addition to electrical switches, Burgess make mechanical ones, often used for security applications such as hotel safes and docking station locking mechanisms.


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