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Founded by Alfred Block in 1939, at a time when the electronics world was dominated by valve technologies, the Block company supplied the radio and TV industries during its early years. Now based in Verden, Germany, and trading globally, the business has a catalogue of over 2,000 off-the-shelf products. Its transformers, power supplies and ancillary components are used in every industry and business sector. With every aspect of manufacturing controlled and conducted in-house, Block offer reliable, high-quality products and – thanks to their extensive investment in R&D facilities – can respond rapidly and flexibly whenever customers require creative solutions to special difficulties. A vital link in every power supply chain, transformers are required to operate in many different contexts; a fact which calls for many variants of this item. For example, modern electronic equipment requires transformer units which can be fitted into PCB circuits; isolating transformers are deployed in sensitive systems where there are safety issues; variable transformers will deliver a range of output voltages from the same input; control transformers deliver effective voltage regulation alongside healthy levels of secondary voltage, whilst toroidal (closed-core) transformers are the optimal choice where more efficient performance is desirable. Many Block power-management components are available on 24-hour delivery, and most can be supplied within five days.


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