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Active for more than 50 years, Bernstein Tools grew up in the heyday of radio and TV and initially supplied quality hand tools for the service and manufacturing requirements of that sector – many of which were specially devised Bernstein originals. However, with the development of the maturing electrical market and the advent of sophisticated electronic and computer equipment, Bernstein’s product range evolved to produce new tools for a new electronic age. Now recognised as an electronics industry trainer as well as a manufacturer, and still based in Remscheid, Germany, Bernstein Tools continue to set the standards in hand tools for electrical engineers. As a glance at the Bernstein product range shows, modern electronics requires a sophisticated array of hand tools. For example, electricians, network engineers, R&D departments and others may call upon a complex range of needle-nose, snub-nose or other specialist pliers – with and without bevels – as well as nippers, probes, tweezers, crimpers, wire strippers and more. In addition, work with sensitive components may demand the use of screwdrivers and other tools with ESD-safe grips, and industry professionals often insist upon VDE-certified tools to meet all best-practice requirements. Many full sets of Bernstein hand tools come complete with a service case and most of the product range can be supplied on next-day delivery terms.


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