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Award-winning multinational consumer and commercial electronics company Belkin are based in Los Angeles, California. Since their launch in 1983, Belkin have grown to become a significant market presence in the field of electronic partner products and accessories – essential items whose functionality ensure digital devices can perform to their full potential. Acquiring sector-rivals Linksys in 2013 to extend the coverage of their product range, Belkin’s innovative designs have enjoyed strong consumer support and continue to attract major industry awards. The Belkin range impacts upon the digital world in many ways: cable sets offer USB and other types of continuity to facilitate mobile connectivity; Bluetooth devices enable effortless wireless streaming of music and information; convenient and efficient charging cradles help to keep portable equipment fully powered and activated; and niche accessories such as practical, user-oriented screen protectors help to minimise damage and wear and tear for smartphones, mobiles, notebooks and tablets. Belkin’s comprehensive array of iPod and iPhone accessories remain best sellers, whilst its routers, surge protectors, racks, enclosures and network components provide vital support functions in commercial applications across the digital world.


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