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Based in Leiden, the Netherlands, Bandridge has been supplying products to the consumer electronics industry since its launch in 1990. Focused on device connectivity, this innovative brand employ ‘look and feel' blister packaging to detail and showcase their manufactured components and accessories designed to meet the needs of the contemporary audio, video, TV, satellite, telecoms and computer markets. Convenient, affordable, and attractively presented with a strong personal media dimension, Bandridge products are currently distributed worldwide and available in more than 55 countries. Media-device connectivity covers an assortment of cables, plugs and adapters as well as a host of technologies and standards such as DIN, USB, Firewire, HDMI and Scart. The Bandridge range offers a choice of conductivity materials such as optical fibre, copper, copper-clad aluminium or oxygen-free copper, and can supply power cables, flat cables, coaxial aerial leads and network/data cabling to suit most applications. In addition, Bandridge can provide a comprehensive selection of plugs, adapters, couplers, hubs, splitters and boosters to facilitate most signal-routing requirements. There are also gold-plated audio and video connectors to meet high-end standards, shielded and unshielded audio cables, and a number of satellite accessories. The vast majority of Bandridge products can be supplied within a five-day delivery window.


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