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Based in San Jose, in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, Atmel is a multi-national corporation specialising in the development and manufacture of microcontrollers, touch-sensing solutions, advanced logic and more. First launched in 1984, Atmel has grown to become a global supplier of microcontrollers with an impressive array of blue-chip clients. Offering low-power technologies driving easy-to-use solutions, Atmel microcontrollers provide convenient and affordable functionality for today’s sophisticated, smart, digital-lifestyle products produced in the industrial, automotive and consumer sectors. In addition, Atmel’s microchip components also power devices used to secure and support the fields of communications and computing. Embedded microcontrollers are mature, effective and widely used electronic components which, as major suppliers, Atmel can offer in a broad range of configurations. These include 8 bit and 8/16 bit bus widths; flash memory capacities from as little as 16 Bytes up to 256 kBytes; RAM and SRAM working memory capacities up to 256 Bytes and 512 Bytes respectively; as well as EEPROM memory which can be erased and modified in situ. Further functionality can be supported via microcontrollers with anything from 6 up to 109 input/output pins, multiple onboard timers, plus a selection of sensors and device-specific routing cards and socket adapters. Atmel also offer a compatible range of USB and PC-hosted development tools.


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