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Listed as the world’s fourth-largest PC seller in 2015, Taiwan-based multinational computer hardware and electronics company Asus has been a constant presence in the digital marketplace since its formation by four experienced Taiwanese hardware engineers in 1989. With a varied product range covering a broad spectrum of computer hardware devices and peripheral components, the company maintains around 50 Asus service sites worldwide located in 32 different countries. In order to draw public attention to the durability of their products, Asus computing devices and electronic components have featured in diverse locations such as aboard space missions, on polar expeditions and also at the top of Mount Everest, with the company reporting that all equipment performed reliably in each of these extreme environments. The Asus product line incorporates both consumer and commercial computing options including desktop, laptop and netbook platforms; peripherals such as widescreen monitors – some with webcams attached – and projectors; internal components like motherboards and graphics cards as well as optical storage devices, portable USB drives, and external Blu-ray, DVD and CD writers. Handheld smartphones and tablets also feature alongside commercial servers, workstations and networking equipment, plus multimedia products and high-tech wearables now coming to prominence in the new digital era.


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