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Originally founded in 1981 as American Power Conversion Corporation, three electronic engineers from MIT laid the foundations for APC. In 1986, APC launched its first product; a UPS which was awarded the PC Magazine's Editor's Choice Award. Following the success of this UPS, APC subsequently developed and presented numerous products designed to enhance IT integrity, including surge arrestors, intelligent power management software and the Matric UPS, which was the first modular UPS. The company was acquired by Schneider Electric in 2007 and embraces the Schneider Being Green philosophy of energy efficiency, eco-friendly recycling and avoidance of hazardous substances in products. The company's main product line remains the UPS, designed to protect computers from power surges and outages. The product range includes units that provide short-term backup power for desktop PCs through to high-power rack-mounted units that protect servers and large computer installations and allow for an orderly shutdown in the event of a total blackout. APC manufactures building security components, including humidity and temperature monitors as well as vibration detectors and video monitoring that detects unauthorised access to the server room. Power supply products include surge arrestors, over-voltage protectors and rack power distribution components intended to enhance system reliability.




About APC:

For four decades, APC has been one of the leading providers of reliable power and physical IT infrastructure in small and large IT departments. APC products combine innovation with many years of experience. That makes APC synonymous with infrastructure, management and data security solutions that protect companies all over the world. With superior products like the Smart-UPS® and Back-UPS Pro® series, APC sets the standard for power protection in networks, server environments and stand-alone applications.



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