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Ansmann was launched in 1991 as a small German enterprise and has since developed a global reputation as an award-winning manufacturer and supplier of quality power-source products such as rechargeable batteries, battery chargers, torches and power supplies. Specialising in the use of batteries as a primary power source, Ansmann’s expertise impacts upon many domestic and industrial contexts where flexible, adaptable and mobile power is either a desirable or essential requirement. These include traditional applications such as car batteries, as well as drive systems, portable garden machinery, medical technologies and specific industrial demands. In addition, sophisticated technological advances in power storage are driving the widespread adoption of a range of battery-powered handheld technologies and eco initiatives. Where there is a need for batteries, charging and power supply technology, there is usually an Ansmann solution: High-specification, long-life torches with lumen ratings from 12 to 330, some with levels of IP protection against dust and moisture; battery power units in 6V, 12V, 24V and other custom-voltage options; a range of chargers for applications ranging from lead-acid, Li-ion, NiMH, NiCd and NiZn technologies to smartphones; plus a broad range of primary and rechargeable batteries. The vast majority of Ansmann stock items are available for next-day delivery, with the remainder usually supplied within five days.


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