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Analog Devices is a market-leading US multinational company who describe their core task as ‘intelligently bridging the digital and analog worlds’. Active since 1965, Massachusetts-based Analog Devices specialise in the manufacture of semiconductor devices used in data conversion and signal processing technologies. The company designs components which ‘sense, measure and connect’ and thus handle core functions in fields such as scientific instrumentation, automation, communications and healthcare. Any industry working with physical phenomena – e.g. light, sound, waveform data, temperature, motion or pressure – can reap the benefits of reliably converting analogue signals to digital data (and vice versa), as has been proven, for example, in the automotive and music industries. Both analogue-to-digital conversion (ADC) and digital-to-analogue conversion (DAC) can be achieved via different methods of signal processing and thus require access to a variety of components and specifications. DAC architectures will determine the choice of resolutions, parallel or serial interfaces, decisions about successive approximation or other conversion options, sample rates, the selection of an appropriate semiconductor package matched to the operating conditions, and much more. Many items are available on 24-hour order, with others shipping within five days.


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