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alfer® is a supplier of high-quality metal and plastic building products. The company, located in Baden-Wurttemberg in Germany, was formed in 1973 and initially supplied the local market in Germany and surrounding countries, although in 2003 it extended its market to cover the whole of Europe. In addition to its manufacturing facility, the company has offices throughout Europe, including one located in Zetzwil, Switzerland. The company owes its success to the local sourcing of raw aluminium products that are manufactured in the area and its ability to convert them into sizes, shapes and forms suitable for industrial, building and domestic DIY applications. Apart from supplying aluminium sheet as a semi-finished product that has been pre-cut into convenient and usable sizes, the company also supplies galvanised and plain sheet steel products. A range of finishes are available, with options available to supply aluminium products in rough cast form as well as painted, unpainted and anodized coatings to suit various applications. Additionally, the company offers perforated aluminium and steel sheets as well as expanded metal and chequered plate and brackets. Neatly rounding off alfer®’s product range, aluminium round bars in various diameters can also be ordered.


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