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Alfatronix is a British manufacturer of robust power supplies and voltage converters primarily intended for use in commercial vehicles, coaches, marine vessels and aircraft. Although the company headquarters and manufacturing facilities are based in Dorset, UK, Alfatronix also has a French office in Paris. As an ISO 9001 accredited company, since its founding in 1979 the company has won numerous awards for quality and industrial innovation and also the TradePartners UK Regional Languages for Export Award. The range of products that are available clearly reflect the company’s history in offering innovative industry solutions. Included in the product range are DC to DC power supplies, designed to convert commercial vehicle 24 volts power to 12 volts for powering consumer and other devices. Alfatronix manufacture a range of 5 volt DC USB converters that can operate off both 12 and 24 volt DC power supplies and which incorporate Android and Apple auto-detection, as well as battery chargers. A further example of innovative product design is the solid state battery guard that monitors the vehicle's battery voltage and disconnects it from power-consuming circuits if the voltage falls below a predetermined level; this protects lead acid batteries from damage and ensures there is sufficient voltage available for vehicle starting.


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