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Adeunis RF is a manufacturing company that specialises in the production of connection products as well as a number of wireless technologies. The French industrial organisation is focussed on machine to machine technologies which are read to use, such as its ISM radio modems and modules. The company has also recently begun to market itself as a leader in the Internet of Things, with product developments in all sorts of net-enabled products. Over the course of recent decades, Adeunis has been working to meet the communications needs of industrial equipment for its clients. Many of these have been dedicated to infrastructure and networking projects for market sectors as diverse as the energy industry, the transportation sector and even sporting equipment. Along with conventional radio communication systems, Adeunis is a producer of near field wireless technologies. For example, it has a number of Bluetooth modules which are ready to be fitted into the design of a huge number of consumer products. It also makes a number of different transceivers which can be built into field test devices, some of which can send and receive electronic data over a distance of many kilometres with reliability and integrity of data.


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