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ABB is a multinational electrical manufacturing company with headquarters located in Zurich, Switzerland. With a merger in 1988 bringing together the Swedish company ASEA and the Swiss company Brown Boveri, two leading names in complementary industries were united to form one of the world’s largest electrical equipment manufacturers, ABB. Their core businesses include power generation, electrical distribution, electrical automation and robotics, but are also heavily invested in renewable power solutions. As a global leader, ABB equipment is designed and engineered to meet and exceed the high standards set down by EU regulations, not to mention their customers. ABB is renowned for their range of electrical panel equipment, especially their selection of DIN rail miniature circuit breakers that are available in single pole, three pole and four pole configurations designed for use in residential and industrial applications. Typical of ABB engineering are the large connection blocks that are easily wired as well as the mechanically linked contact position indicators. Miniature circuit breakers are supplied with five different tripping characteristics to meet even the most demanding applications. All units comply to IEC, UL and CSA specifications.


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