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A123 Systems are an advanced lithium ion battery manufacturer. Headquartered in Michigan, USA, the company has manufacturing facilities in North America, China and the Czech Republic as well as a technical centre in Germany. Working with specialised nanophosphate doping technology, A123 Systems manufacture products which ensure reliable, long-term cell performance at a high level. Dedicated to meeting their customers’ needs, A123 Systems’ products demonstrate innovative battery systems and their technology. Their rechargeable nanophosphate lithium ion phosphate cells are not only designed for use in transportation as battery backup systems, but can also be implemented in high-power portable devices and for mains stabilisation grid support applications. With over 3,000 units having been delivered, the implementation of these battery backup systems in Daimler hybrid electric buses is just one example of this unit’s high level of performance. A123 System lithium ion cells are also used in the power pack for the class leading Porsche 919 hybrid endurance race car. Not just limited to racing and transportation, the company’s product range is designed to meet a range of needs. A123 System batteries are available in standard lithium ion sizes including the popular 26650 cell size.


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