HF cable and HF connector from HUBER+SUHNER

Standards in high-frequency technology

HUBER+SUHNER have many years' experience in manufacturing high-quality products for high-frequency and microwave technology. As well as individual components such as cables, connectors, filters and adapters, the portfolio also includes ready-assembled HF cables in particular.
In these assemblies, cable and connector are always perfectly matched to each other.

HF cables with BNC connector

Ready-assembled HUBER+SUHNER coaxial cables guarantee outstanding electrical performance, particularly when it comes to return loss. The high quality of the cables and connectors used, along with the excellent assembly quality, ensure reliable electrical parameters in the long term.

  • RG 58/50 Ohm; RG 59/75 Ohm
  • 0.5 metres to 5.0 metres
  • Extra-long anti-kink sleeve

Sucotest 18 — constant high levels of precision

The Sucotest 18 Assembly family enables quick, cost-effective, reliable and accurate tests and measurement processes. The assemblies are the ideal solution for hard daily operation in component and assembly halls, testing laboratories and automatic testing systems. SUCOTEST assemblies are particularly well suited to applications requiring repeated connecting/disconnecting.

  • Precise and constant measurement results
  • Unique handling through newly designed N nut, short taper sleeve and cable that can be positioned without springing back
  • Low total cost per measurement

SMA attenuators

When you have to reduce the power of an input signal, you don't want to risk any distortion:
The high-quality HUBER+SUHNER attenuators reliably meet these requirements.

  • Equalising very different levels
  • Protecting measurement apparatus
  • Balancing the impedances of subsystems

HF adapters

HUBER+SUHNER manufactures a wide range of adapters for connecting one interface to another.
The range includes HF adapters for all common HF interfaces and configurations, frequencies and return losses.