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Ethernet Switches

Ethernet switches are a vital component in any modern network, providing a dedicated connection between devices. They work by receiving data packets from a connected device and forwarding it to their intended target using a process called packet switching, a much more efficient method than a traditional hub which simply sends data to all connected devices. In this way an ethernet switch reduces network congestion and aids workflow. They are available in 3 main types: managed, unmanaged, and smart. Unmanaged switches are ideal in smaller networks because of their simplicity, while managed switches offer more features that a larger network may require.
  • Manufacturer
  • Product Status
  • Depth
  • Height
  • Width
  • Mounting Type
  • Network Speed
  • Operating Temperature Max.
  • Operating Temperature Min.
  • Ports
  • Ethernet Switch Type
  • Series
  • RJ45 Ports
  • Current Consumption
  • Operating Voltage Max. - DC