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Data Centre Management

IT operations are crucial for business continuity. A well set up data centre ensures that your computer systems can run smoothly and minimises unplanned downtime. Maintain your data centre with solutions to diagnose problems and manage systems and hardware.

A Guide to Edge-Based Data Centre Deployment

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Why are UPS important to data centres?

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems ensure large data centres remain up and running at all times, while providing protection for sensitive electronics and peace of mind for operators.

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Why data centres must prioritize sustainabilty

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Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) technology enables the transit of critical assets over any distance, to share data and content and provide back-ups for redundancy. Data centres house, compute and store resources for applications, data, and content. Data centre network equipment includes cabling, switches, connectors, and antennas that connect servers together and to the outside world.


Find the right connectors to optimise your data centre set up.

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Discover a range of products that is suited to different project needs.

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Explore switches for different types of applications and mounting types.

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Transmit and receive data with our range of antennas ideal for data centres.

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HellermannTyton Tip Tag Cable Identification Tags

Data centres often have multiple large wire and cable bundles. HellermannTyton durable Tip Tags enable easy identification, even in complex set ups.

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HIRSCHMANN Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches

An effective way of entering the world of Industrial Ethernet technology. These switches are perfect for those looking for plug-and-play simplicity while still having options for specific network requirements.

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Fibre Optic Cable Assemblies

Ensure long-lasting dependability and optimum performance with our range of fibre optic cable assemblies.

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Data centers hold proprietary and sensitive information such as intellectual property, customer data, and financial records, and therefore need to be both physically and digitally secure. To avoid outages and minimise the impact of disruptions, data centers must be designed for high availability and resiliency

Industrial Memory

Industrial memory devices offering high storage capacities with improved protection against accidental damage, voltage surges and extreme conditions.

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Alarms, Cameras & Motion Detectors

Alarms, Cameras & Motion Detectors can help to detect and prevent crime, offering you reassurance that your data is protected.

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19" Floor Cabinets

Enclosures can provide an effective measure against physical attempts to damage your data storage devices.

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Emergency Stop Switches

Emergency Stop Switches avert arising - or reduce existing - hazards to persons as well as damage to machinery or to work in progress.

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Thermal Management

It is important for data centres to provide their highly integrated electronics with cooling air to prevent overheating. In some cases conventional fans are too weak and the installation space too small for several fans to be installed. Therefore compact, powerful and efficient fans are essential for this application.

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Why Are Thermal Imagers
Important for Data Centres

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