Innovations in control cabinet design

The control cabinet is the heart of every manufacturing cell, meaning innovations and developments in control cabinet design have a direct impact on production facilities. The comprehensive new "Value Design for Panel" concept from Omron facilitates the design and production of control cabinets by offering new products and wiring systems that contribute to greater efficiency and profitability.

"Value Design": The benefits in detail
  • Space-saving: All components offer compact and standardised dimensions. Save up to 50% in width.
  • Air circulation: All components are built to the same height, improving air circulation and enabling series assembly up to 55 °C.
  • Plug in from the front: Cable entries with Push-in Plus technology are easily accessible from the front.

NEW Switching power supplies, type S8VK-S

  • Highly energy-efficient power supply units in compact "Value Design" standardised dimensions.
  • 60 to 480 watts, 24 volts.
  • Push-in Plus technology.

NEW: Terminal blocks, XW5T series

  • Choose between a screw connection and Push-in Plus.
  • The Push-in Plus terminals are considerably more compact than conventional terminal blocks.
  • Quick and easy to plug in.

NEW: Solid state relay, H3DT series

  • One of the slimmest timers on the market
  • Reduces energy consumption by 60%
  • 10 different types

NEW: Compact I/O relay, G2RV-SR series

  • Requires 25% less space than conventional I/O relays
  • Push-in technology to reduce wiring time
  • Hands-free technology for easy insertion of stranded wires

NEW: Monitoring relay, K8DT series

  • For monitoring current, voltage, phase, temperature and fill level
  • Push-in Plus terminals for easy wiring
  • Also suitable for stranded wires