Phoenix Contact designs solutions for all aspects of electrical engineering and automation, breaking new ground to provide the best and most up to date products for you and your projects.

MINI Analog Pro Signal Conditioners

Phoenix Contact has designed the first 6mm signal conditioner range with plug-in connection technology. They make your work easier by being clearly visible and having easily accessible terminal points, as well as current measurement during operation.

They are also incredibly cost effective, save space and save energy – as well as being tough, sturdy and reliable.

The benefits of the MINI Analog Pro:

  • Easy installation: easily accessible terminal points, power bridging, and plug-in connection terminal blocks. They also have Push-in connection technology.
  • Safely isolated from the field to the network: space-saving network integration of freely combinable signal conditioners via compact gateways.
  • Easy start-up and servicing: you can measure signals without disconnecting current loops, plus they come with an optional disconnect function.
  • Numerous parameterization options: easy to configure via DIP switches, as well as extended configuration via software or smartphone app without additional accessories.
  • Easy to maintain: large-surface marking areas, status LEDs in every signal conditioner, and group error messaging.
  • Optimum signal quality: latest switching technology and safe electrical isolation between input, output, and supply.
  • Suitable for every application: multifunctional device types and extended supply voltage and wide operating temperature ranges.

So the MINI Analog Pro signal conditioners are easier than ever to use, slim and efficient – ideal for any application.

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