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ARTY Z7 - Zynq power for Embedded Vision

The Arty Z7-20 enables maker pros, engineers, system integrators and designers to get started quickly on their embedded vision designs. Powered by the Zynq 7020, it is targeted at custom video applications and capable of real-time video processing through the on board 512MB DDR3 and HDMI inputs and outputs.

Users can use Xilinx SDSoC, a development environment providing C/C++ ASSP-like programming experience and its reVISION stack, includes a broad range of development resources for platform, algorithm and application development. The combined a versatile Arty Z7-20 hardware platform with SDSoC and reVISION stack can enable design teams without deep hardware expertise to combine computer vision algorithms into highly responsive systems. Arty Z7-20 is also compatible to Xilinx Vivado and Petalinux.

Engineers can accelerate the embedded visions design through HDMI in and out reference designs available at Digilent Product Wiki.

Target Applications

  • Embedded Vision
  • Embedded Systems
  • Motor Control


  • Zynq-7000 AP SoC XC7Z020-1CLG400C
  • 512MB DDR3 with 16-bit bus @ 1050Mbps
  • 16MB Quad-SPI Flash with factory programmed
  • HDMI sink port (input)
  • HDMI source port (output)
  • PWM driven mono audio output with 3.5mm jack
  • High-bandwidth peripheral controllers: 1G Ethernet, USB 2.0
  • Programmable from JTAG, Quad-SPI Flash and microSD card
  • Two standard Pmod ports including 6 Single-ended 0-3.3V Analog inputs to XADC 4 and Differential 0-1.0V Analog inputs to XADC
  • Arduino/chipKIT Shield connector
  • Powered from USB or any 7V-15V external power source