Cleaning Cloths & Accessories

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Cleaning cloths provide a convenient way of cleaning almost everything, from computer screens to dirty hands, and are available in both wet and dry types. The dry types can be suitable for the removal of dirt and debris or for delicate polishing, with the micro-fibre type being a popular choice. Some are available as absorbent pads, being ideal for dealing with spillages. Fine polishing may be achieved by the use of polishing fibres. The wet or moist cleaning cloths often have specific uses depending on the wetting agent employed. Some general-purpose cloths and wipes simply use water, while others may use various solvents or degreasing agents, such as the isopropanol cloths for the cleaning of optical lenses. Some are specifically intended for cleaning items such as computers, keyboards and telephones, and screen wipes normally have anti-static properties. Ensuring that items are clean and dry is an important first step but keeping them that way may include the use of certain packaging materials and desiccants, usually in the form of dehumidifier bags. Humidity indicators can also be obtained, which change colour to indicate the humidity levels. Many of the cleaning cloths and wipes have purpose-made dispensers allowing for easy use in a dirty environment.