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Product specifications

Engineering Kit

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Product details

  • Notes

    Delivery Note

    1 Arduino MKR1000 Board
    1 Arduino MKR Motor Shield
    1 Arduino MKR IMU Shield
    1 DC Motor
    2 Geared DC Motors with Encoder
    1 Standard Micro Servo (180 degrees)
    1 Hall Sensor Module
    1 Ultrasonic Sensor Module
    1 Webcam
    1 LiPo Battery
    1 LiPo Battery Charger
    1 Micro USB Cable
    1 3-pin to 4-pin Tinkerkit Module Cable
    1 3-pin Tinkerkit Module Cable

    3 Sets of Assembly Pieces
    2 Wheels
    1 Caster Wheel
    1 Timing Belt
    2 Timing Pulley
    2 DC Motor Mounting Brackets
    1 Metal Shaft (90mm)
    2 Metal D Shafts (50mm)
    2 Sets of Distance Spacers (6mm, 17mm)
    2 Sets of M2 Bolts (10mm, 25mm)
    3 Sets of M3 Bolts (10mm, 15mm, 25mm)
    1 Set of M2 Nuts
    1 Set of M3 Nuts
    1 Set of M3 Lock Nuts with Nylon Insert
    3 Shaft Collars
    1 Propeller Adapter Screw
    2 Magnets Ø8 mm
    1 Thread 5m
    2 Whiteboard Pens
    1 Sticker for Vision Recognition

  • Article information

    Article description

    The Arduino Engineering Kit includes three cutting-edge Arduino-based projects so that students can learn fundamental engineering concepts, key aspects of mechatronics, and MATLAB and Simulink programming.

    Self-Balancing Motorcycle

    This motorcycle will maneuver on its own on various terrains and remain upright using a flywheel for balance. It’s very exciting to build and to see in action.

    Mobile Rover

    This vehicle can navigate between given reference points, move objects with a forklift and much more. It’s very fun to make and use.

    Whiteboard Drawing Robot

    This amazing robot can take a drawing it’s given and duplicate it on a whiteboard. It’s most impressive.

    The kit is sold in a hard plastic, stackable tool box for storage and years of reuse. Inside the box is an easy-to-use Arduino MKR1000 board, several customized parts, and a complete set of electrical and mechanical components needed to assemble all three projects.

    Previous Article Number: 30117104
  • Environmental information

    RoHS Conform
  • Additional information

    Country of origin Netherlands (NL)
    Manufacturer Arduino
    Gross weight (incl. package) 2015.0 Gram
    Dimensions (incl. package) 300 x 200 x 135 MM
    Customs number 8542900000
    UNSPSC (v5.03) 32101503
    EAN 7630049200227
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